Land Surveyor Geelong – HomeBuilder Grant

June 17, 2020

The Australian Government has recently announced the HomeBuilder initiative to help the residential construction market to get through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. HomeBuilder provides eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home. If you are looking to substantially renovate your existing home or build a new home, you could be eligible for this government grant.

As experienced land surveyors in the Geelong region, Swanson Surveying can provide a comprehensive range of land surveying services to assist your renovation or construction project. These services include:

  • Title Re-Establishment surveys to determine the location of your title boundaries
  • Feature & Level Surveys to map the features of the land across a site for use in planning and design processes
  • Site analysis and ResCode surveys to assess the project site with respect to the adjacent properties.

We can also provide Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling and UAV / Drone surveys to capture point cloud or aerial data to provide additional data for use in the planning and design process.

If you are interested in learning more about how Swanson Surveying can assist you with your planned new home or renovation project, please feel free to contact us for further details.