UAV/Drone services in Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat & Regional Victoria

Swanson Surveying specialises in the use of UAV/Drone imaging along with conventional surveying techniques to capture high resolution 3D data. Our team of qualified & experienced surveyors will tailor a service to meet your specific project requirements and ensure it is fit for purpose, timely and of the highest quality.

What is a UAV (Un-manned Aerial Vehicle) Survey?

A UAV is used as a platform for capturing imagery & data from an aerial position. Hundreds of images are collected and stitched together with specalised software to produce high-resolution and high-accuracy 3D data. Typical resolution of our imagery between 1 – 3cm per pixel (1-3cm GSD – Ground Sample Distance) allows for high precision data and, when combined with ground based control surveys, achieves horizontal and vertical accuracies of approximately 20-50mm (dependant on site conditions).

The resulting data can be supplied in many deliverables including, but not limited to, photographs, orthomoasics (aerial imagery), surface models (DSM, DTM) and point clouds (which are made up of millions of coloured 3D points). It can also be used as a basis for 2D drafting or 3D solid modelling through CAD and GIS formats.

Aerial point cloud data captured from UAV’s can also augment ground-based laser scanning and tradition surveying methods.

What are the benefits of a UAV survey?

The benefits include:

  • Full 3D data capture
  • High resolution and accurate data (GPS accuracy)
  • Reduced survey time frames with large areas caputured rapidly
  • Remote access: safely survey difficult to reach sites and features

How can I utilise a UAV?

Uses include:

  • Earthwork/Asset reporting: Stockpiles, Cut Fill, Landfill, Design conformance
  • Topographical surveys: Elevation analysis, Drainage analysis
  • Road feature surveys which limit personnel proximity to traffic
  • Inspection and Line of Sight photography
  • Progress Tracking of Civil & Infrastructure Projects
  1. Stockpile – Colourised Point Cloud
  2. Stockpile – Elevation Surface (DTM)
  3. Aerial Photography
  4. Orthmosaic (Aerial Image)
  5. Road Conformance surveys