Engineering surveyor, Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne

It’s taken just a few years for Swanson Surveying to become the engineering surveyors Geelong and Melbourne companies trust and turn to for a wide range of construction projects. We take pride in our work and ensure we offer the highest-quality surveying for engineers, architects and large or small-scale builders.

These days an engineering surveyor must be flexible and up to date with technology to keep up with the increasing scale and complexity of infrastructure, particularly in cities such as Geelong and Melbourne. At Swanson Surveying we are across all forms of engineering surveys, whatever your project. Whether you need the full set-out for a complex civil construction project, topographic surveying or detail and contour surveys for natural and man-made structures, Swanson Surveying is the engineering surveyor you require. We even offer as-built surveys throughout any construction process to show construction is meeting the specifications set out by the design engineer.

Engineering surveyors branch out into the Ballarat region

Swanson Surveying’s engineering surveyors are now offering their services to Ballarat companies that need a reliable team of surveyors that specialise in industry leading surveying for engineers and businesses in the building industry.

Another specialty service Swanson Surveying offers our Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne clients is architectural 3D modelling and laser scanning. This involves an engineering surveyor using high-resolution photography along with traditional survey data to generate a three-dimensional CAD model of your project.

For more information on what our Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat engineering surveyors can do for you, contact the friendly team at Swanson Surveying.