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Swanson Surveying work on a wide range of surveying projects, ranging from large subdivisions, laser scanning and 3D modelling projects and large building construction set out work. See below for some of our recent projects. To discuss any of these projects or your own projects that Swanson Surveying can help you with, get in touch with our professional team.

Laser Scanning Survey For Geelong’s Rydges Hotel

In October Swanson Surveying undertook a laser scanning survey for the redesign of the interior and upgrade of the exterior of the Rydges hotel in central Geelong. Due to the complex and irregular nature of the interior and external façade of the hotel a laser scanning survey was recommended to the client to ensure that their architect had all the appropriate information to allow for a comprehensive design solution. We were able to deliver an accurate 3D model, floorplans and cross sections of the building in a format readily usable in major architectural software products such as AutoDesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD in a short turnaround time to ensure that the project progressed seamlessly.

To discuss your laser scanning requirements or request a free quotation please contact our office today.

Adverse Possession Application

Recently the team at Swanson Surveying were engaged to undertake a survey of a rural property in Little River. The property was traversed by an old general law road that had been wholly contained within the client’s land for the past 80+ years. Our client wished to gain possession of this land by way of adverse possession to enable the reconfiguration of their neighbouring land parcels.

Application was made under Section 26P of the Transfer of Land Act 1958 to claim possession of this land by longstanding occupation and also to amend title dimensions of the adjoining parcels. The field work and office work components of a project of this nature are complex and can only be undertaken by a licensed surveyor. This application progressed swiftly through the examination process at Land Use Victoria and resulted in the successful vesting of this land’s title in our client’s name.

Swanson Surveying has vast experience in applications to amend title and claim land by adverse possession and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project with you.

Laser Scanning Geelong – Deakin, Waurn Ponds

Swanson Surveying was recently engaged to undertake a feature and level survey of the facade of one of the buildings at the Waurn Ponds campus of Deakin University, Geelong. The required turnaround time was tight, and our surveyors were quick to advise our architect clients of our Laser Scanning technology that would give them far more information than they would have previously envisaged, in a minimum of time and cost.

Our laser scanner was utilised to capture a full 3D representation of the building facade, including all architectural and structural features, including details as small as the nuts and bolts fixing the existing facade to the structural elements of the building. The deliverable was in a format readily usable in major architectural software products such us AutoDesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD among others, and enabled the architects to model directly over the data in their software to meet their client’s tight time frames and high expectations.

If laser scanning sounds like it may be of use in your next architectural design project, and/or you would like to see an example data set, please contact the team at Swanson Surveying to discuss your requirements.

Land Surveyors perform title re-establishment surveys for Point Cook development

Swanson Surveying has recently been engaged to undertake the title re-establishment surveys and construction set out surveys for a new commercial and retail development at Sneydes Road, Point Cook.

The project involved Swanson Surveying’s team of land surveyors attending site, undertaking computations and measurements to accurately re-establish the title boundaries and then setting out gridlines, features, and temporary benchmarks for construction purposes. During the construction set-out survey, our team of experienced surveyors uncovered significant issues with the design of the building encroaching over public footpaths that had been built on private land. However, careful checking, quick thinking and excellent communication with the site manager allowed the problem to be rectified quickly and the project to proceed without unnecessary delay. The project is now in full swing and progressing well.

Swanson Surveying has a team of highly skilled and experienced land surveyors able to undertake a wide range of surveying services in the Point Cook and Werribee areas, including construction set out surveys, title re-establishment surveys and subdivision surveys. Contact us now to see how our dedicated team can help you on your next project.

Laser scanning for Warrnambool drainage tunnel

Swanson Surveying was recently engaged to undertake a laser scanning survey of an underground drainage tunnel at Simpson Street in Warrnambool. The project brief was to laser scan the entire length of the tunnel and provide a 3D model with section views of the existing conditions within the tunnel, to enable tenderers to fully understand the design and construction requirements of the remediation project.

The project required the management of multiple contractors to ensure safety, as the tunnel is 20 metres underground, and approximately 200 metres long. Access was limited to dry weather and was made particularly difficult due to the tight working conditions in the access shafts and the drainage tunnel below.

Swanson Surveying’s team of dedicated surveyors ensured that the project was a success, providing an accurate 3D model of the tunnel, in a timely and efficient manner. Needless to say, the clients were thrilled with the results.

Swanson Surveying provides laser scanning and 3D modelling services to a wide range of clients in the western districts of Victoria. Contact us today to see how Swanson Surveying can help you with your next laser scanning project.

Engineering surveyor for Colac construction

Swanson Surveying has recently completed survey work on the development of the new Coles Supermarket and Plaza at Bromfield Street, Colac. Swanson Surveying was engaged as an engineering surveyor for the Colac project, providing construction set out services throughout the construction process and Net Lettable Area surveys at the conclusion of the project.

The construction set out comprised of setting out grid lines, site TBM’s and critical features of the new facility to enable construction contractors to position the structure and fit out in the correct locations. The Net Lettable Area surveys involved undertaking an as-built survey, utilising laser scanning techniques, of the entire facility to produce plans and certified areas of the tenancies within the development. This work was undertaken in accordance with the Property Council of Australia Guidelines to produce schedules of the lettable area within the facility.

The construction industry is fast-paced and with many revisions and changes throughout the project, we were required to be on site at short notice and provide expert advice to ensure the project was completed in a timely manner. The team members at Swanson Surveying pride themselves on our service to the construction industry and ensured our work as an engineering surveyor in Colac was to the high standards the industry rightfully expects. For your next construction project contact us to see how we can help you too.


Plans of engineering surveyor, Colac

Net Lettable Area Plan – Coles, Colac


Consulting for Land Subdivision in Geelong district

Swanson Surveying is currently providing consulting services for multiple land development & subdivisions in the Geelong region.

These projects range from simple two-lot unit developments through to complex residential apartment developments. We are involved from the initial planning phase right through to completion and are always on hand when our clients need timely, expert advice.

The subdivision process can be broken down into five separate steps that the team at Swanson Surveying help our clients through –

  1. Project Due Diligence: High-level research to assess the viability and feasibility of a project.
  2. Site Survey & Planning Permit application: Providing surveying and town planning consulting to help a land development project progress your project through Council to obtain a Planning Permit.
  3. Plan of Subdivision: Formal plans submitted to Council to facilitate the subdivision process.
  4. Project Management to achieve Statement of compliance: Management and advice to achieve Statement of Compliance with Council.
  5. Registration of the Final Plans & Documents: Preparation of all plans and documents required for registration & advice on the plan registration process.

See our Guide to Subdivision for further details.

With the right advice and the right team by your side for next subdivision project in Geelong district, we know that your project will be a success. Contact us now to discuss your next subdivision or land development project

Laser scanning & 3D modelling for Geelong’s Performing Arts Centre

Swanson Surveying was recently involved in an exciting laser scanning and 3D modelling project at the Geelong Performing Arts Centre for the City of Greater Geelong.

The brief was to undertake a full laser scan of the interior of the GPAC facility and provide a survey accurate model for use in the redesign of the venue. Every room of the building was scanned using our Faro Laser scanner and the information collated to produce a survey accurate point cloud. Our modelling team then took the point cloud data and used it to create the 3D model in the images below using Graphisoft ArchiCAD. We were also asked if we could align our 3D model with the exterior building model provided by the client. We were able to use traditional survey measurements of the exterior of the building to align these two models. The final 3D model is compatible with AutoDesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD and will be used by the project architects to redesign the interior of the Performing Arts Centre. The client was very happy with the resulting 3D model and is looking forward to working with us again in the near future.

Swanson Surveying has a wide range of experience in projects like this one and is able to provide laser scanning and 3D modelling services to clients in Geelong and the surrounding regions. Please contact us for more information about this project or to discuss your next laser scanning and 3D modelling project.

Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling at Coles Supermarket – Melbourne

Swanson Surveying has recently been involved in a large laser scanning and 3D modelling project at the Coles supermarket, in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Our clients engaged us to 3D laser scan the entire building, including the external walls, the roof and all internal features. This work will go towards a redesign of the internal layout of the supermarket, to maximise the use of the space and modernise the interior layout. Working inside a busy supermarket has its challenges, but our resourceful surveying team were able to work around customers during the quieter parts of the day ensuring the normal function of the business was disturbed as little as possible.

With the point cloud data captured by the laser scanner, we were able to create a full 3D model of the internal and external features of the building for use by the design team. The 3D model is detailed enough to capture features like sprinkler heads, light fittings and signage within the store. This level of detail ensures that nothing is missed during the design process and that the end designs will be easy to build by the end user – namely the builders and other tradespeople.

Be sure to contact Swanson Surveying to discuss your next laser scanning project, and see how we can make the whole process easy for you too.

Residential Apartment Tower – Building Subdivision, Geelong

Swanson Surveying has recently been engaged to prepare the Plan of Subdivision for a 21 storey residential apartment tower in Geelong.

Our clients were on a tight timeframe and needed the plans prepared as quickly as possible so that they could begin their marketing campaign to meet presale requirements. The experienced team at Swanson Surveying were able to deliver the building subdivision plan within the required timeframes and have enabled the clients to move forward with their marketing process with the minimum of fuss.

The project involved undertaking a title re-establishment survey to confirm the land available for design and then using the architectural designs, preparing the plan of subdivision in accordance with Land Victoria’s strict building subdivision plan specifications. The plan of subdivision comprises of 30 pages, including plan sheets for every level and also cross sections to help the end purchaser interpret the plan easily. A plan this complex requires a significant amount of quality assurance and checking to ensure that no details are missed.

Once the building is constructed, the team at Swanson Surveying will undertake a check survey to ensure that the apartments defined on the plan of subdivision match what has been built, and then help the client negotiate the certification and statement of compliance processes through Council.

Be sure to contact Swanson Surveying for your next building subdivision or land development project to discuss how we can help you too.

Geelong Building Subdivision

Residential Apartment Subdivision Geelong