Land surveyors in Colac using state of the art techniques & equipment

July 1, 2020

Our land surveyors in Colac are helping housing developments in the region expand through providing expert, high-quality land subdivision services by using industry-leading technology.

As the Colac region continues to welcome new residents, with all the facilities people need to live a great lifestyle from schools, to healthcare, shopping centres, and more, the demand for land subdivisions has subsequently increased.

At Swanson Surveying, our team understand that no two land subdivision projects are the same, which is why we always undertake thorough research on each land development project we work on.

An advantage that we have is that we know the region, we’ve worked in the South West region of Victoria for many years, with extensive experience working on commercial and domestic projects. We have a comprehensive understanding of local council requirements, meaning that we can ensure a smooth process for all of our clients. We are often involved right from the outset of a land development project, helping our clients obtain planning consent to undertake their land subdivision project, and then preparing and managing the plan of subdivision as it progresses through council to enable the creation of new lots, ready for construction.

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