Land Subdivision Advice – Ballarat

January 8, 2020

The Ballarat based team of Swanson Surveying were recently engaged to undertake due diligence research for a proposed 3 lot re-subdivision in Mount Helen.

Our client, along with their neighbour, were looking to re-subdivide 6 existing irregularly shaped lots into 3 usable lots as a Not In Common Ownership (NICO) subdivision. Our Licensed Surveyor
undertook high level due diligence research enabling us to prepare a report advising our client on the following constraints:

• Planning zones and overlays – Our client was provided with an overview on how the zoning and overlays may impact the development and the contact details and approximate costs for local
consultants that could advise our client further regarding these issues.

• Site constraints – The site was remotely assessed based on current aerial imagery and spatial data to enable us to advise our client on the likely impact of any vegetation, topography, existing
dwellings/structures within the locality.

• Servicing requirements – Searching of current service records was undertaken to allow us to make an assessment on potential servicing issues and costs that may impact the development.

• Covenants and restrictions on title preventing development – A current search and assessment of our client’s title documents showed that no covenants existed on title preventing the subdivision of the land or construction of another dwelling.

• Costs – Based on previous project experience, Swanson Surveying was able to provide our client with approximate costs for public works and professional fees.

The above information allowed our client to make an informed decision regarding the feasibility of their proposed land development project.

If you require a Licensed Surveyor for land development advice in Ballarat or would like more information regarding our surveying services for Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne and regional Victoria,
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