DSPEC As-built Surveys – Colac, Werribee, Winchelsea, Torquay & Bannockburn

August 13, 2017

Swanson surveying has recently been involved in providing DSPEC as-built surveys to local authorities in Colac, Werribee, Winchelsea, Torquay and Bannockburn to help maintain their asset registers for new land development projects.

DSPEC is a standardised data capture system that enables stakeholders to easily survey, record, merge, store and present data for long-term use. The data captured is user-friendly and is smart Рmeaning it contains metadata to help identify attributes of the information captured (e.g. pipe diameters, depths, lengths, pipe gradients, types etc.)

We have been engaged by multiple engineering and civil contracting clients to provide accurate and timely DSPEC surveys of new and existing stormwater infrastructure in Colac (for Colac Otway Shire), Winchelsea & Torquay (for Surf Coast Shire), Bannockburn (for Golden Plains Shire) and Werribee (Wyndham City Council). Details of assets surveyed include pit dimensions, invert levels, pipe diameters, pipe lengths & bend locations, & new house connections. The data is imported into in-house software and converted to a standard MapInfo file format for distribution to the local authority.

Swanson Surveying can provide DSPEC, RSPEC and other formats of as-built surveys to consultants and local authorities in Geelong, Ballarat, Colac, Werribee and Melbourne regions. Contact us now to discuss your next as-built project with us.