Land surveyors supporting Ballarat’s housing boom

July 9, 2020

Swanson Surveying’s land surveyors in Ballarat are proud to be the go-to local land surveying team for many people purchasing property, or for people developing property in the area.

A report produced by Property Observer has shown that COVID-19 and the downward economy hasn’t impacted the growth in homebuying in Ballarat, with an overall growth of 24% shown in the last 12-months.

As many people seek to move out of Melbourne, whether it’s because they’re seeking a change in their lifestyle, are now able to complete all of their work remotely, or are being forced out of the market due to unaffordable prices, it’s important that an expert, licensed team of land surveyors are present to help in their land development & construction projects.

In 2019 the team at Swanson Surveying announced the opening of our Ballarat office, and since then we’ve been able to work on a lot of exciting land surveying projects, from commercial and residential land subdivisions to title re-establishment surveys, and feature and level surveys.

Whether you’re a property developer looking to subdivide land for unit developments, a private landowner wanting to subdivide your land, you want to establish the location of the boundaries of your parcel of land or need to know the features and levels of the land before building, the team at Swanson Surveying have the skilled team, leading technology, and local experience to provide outstanding results for your project.

Contact us today to find out more about our land surveying services in Ballarat. We can provide you with a free quote on land subdivisions, laser scanning, 3D modeling, level surveying, title re-establishments, and much more.