Land Subdivision, Geelong

October 13, 2017

Swanson Surveying is currently providing consulting services for multiple land development & subdivisions in the Geelong region.

These projects range from simple two-lot unit developments through to complex residential apartment developments. We are involved from the initial planning phase right through to completion and are always on hand when our clients need timely, expert advice.

The subdivision process can be broken down into five separate steps that the team at Swanson Surveying help our clients through –

  1. Project Due Diligence: High-level research to assess the viability and feasibility of a project.
  2. Site Survey & Planning Permit application: Providing surveying and town planning consulting to help a land development project progress your project through Council to obtain a Planning Permit.
  3. Plan of Subdivision: Formal plans submitted to Council to facilitate the subdivision process.
  4. Project Management to achieve Statement of compliance: Management and advice to achieve Statement of Compliance with Council.
  5. Registration of the Final Plans & Documents: Preparation of all plans and documents required for registration & advice on the plan registration process.

See our Guide to Subdivision for further details.

With the right advice and the right team by your side for your next subdivision project in Geelong, we know that your project will be a success. Contact us now to discuss your next land development project.